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Rainbow Divers-Phu Quoc Island


Duong Dong, Phu Quoc Island

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This beautiful island lies 65 miles off the south-west coast of Vietnam and is genuinely unspoiled by time & tourism. Travelers say that “Vietnam is like Thailand 20 years ago”. If that’s true, then Phu Quoc is like Vietnam used to be 10 years ago!

Phu Quoc is about the same size as Singapore, 600 sq. kms and is the largest of all Vietnamese islands. There are 99 mountains and hills covered in green primitive forests with majestic waterfalls and babbling streams. The fresh sea breezes and stunning sandy beaches touching crystal clear blue waters make this a true paradise.

The tourist season is similar to Thailand’s. The good weather and calm waters start mid September and last until late May. During the rainy season diving is normally only available in around the An Thoi islands where it is more sheltered.



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