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Pim Home/Bus. Construction


89/2 Moo 13 Sutep

Chiang Mai

Tel 1: 08 422 1 6446
Tel 2: 08 067 01176
Tel 3:
Website: send email we will send pictures

We speak Fluent English and Thai. We provide home and business design (interior and exterior) plus the actual construction. We can provide our services to do all or part of the construction requirements. Our carpenters make built-in and/or stand-alone fine furniture. We have examples of our work and will be very happy to show you what we can do. Our prices are reasonable and we stand behind our work.

Want a house built? Want a new table? How about closet space? Need a new or different TV stand? How about a design for your new addition? We can do this at a reasonable rate.

If you speak English and your love one speaks Thai then we can be quite benefical since we know both. It does make it a lot easier!!!



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