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SCY (Support Children and Young People)


#79, St 173, Sangkat Tomnoub Teik,
Khan Chamkarmon,
Phnom Penh

Tel 1: +855(0)23997217
Tel 2: +855(0)23997217
Tel 3:

SCY is a youth media organisation based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and supported by UNICEF.
SCY believes the most significant access challenge of the future is to participation through connectivity, innovation and trusted source information.
SCY seeks to address this by:
1. Giving Cambodian children and young people the opportunity to actively participate in media advocacy - through supported production opportunities, high quality training, provision of industry standard facilities and equipment, mentoring opportunities and unique and innovative broadcast and exhibition programs.
2. Providing young Cambodians with opportunities to advocate on their own behalf using the media and to promote UN Child Rights Convention principles within Cambodia from a youth perspective.
3. Fostering a vibrant, independent and socially engaged media culture in Cambodia - starting with children and young people.



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