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Metro Rahu


#159, Sisowath Quay, Between St 110 & 118, Pnom Penh, Cambodia

Tel 1: 012 493 848
Tel 2: 077 854 060
Tel 3: 023 215 179

According to Hindu mythology, the gods mixed up a divine elixir of immortality. Rahu, an asura disguised himself as a god and drank some of the elixir. The sun and the moon (Soriya and Chanthra) saw this and alerted Vishnu. Before he could swallow the elixir, Vishnu cut off Rahu’s head.

The head remained immortal, and it is believed that Rahu chases the sun and moon across the sky and occasionally catches one of them, eats it and causes an eclipse. Then the victim falls out of Rahu’s throat and the eclipse ends

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