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Intercultural Communication Cambodia


Street 178 No. 28eo
Chey Chomneas Commune
Daunh Penh District
Phnom Penh
Kingdom of Cambodia

Tel 1: 098 66 71 05
Tel 2: 098 61 58 94
Tel 3:

Intercultural Communication Cambodia is a project of two creative and worldly women that want to improve the communication between foreigners and locals. No matter whether you are from China, America or Europe – we can adapt to your cultural background due to our small learning groups (max. 5 students).

You can choose one of the following thematic focuses. Each package contains ten lessons and one excursion.

  • Business
  • Education
  • Culture & Religion
  • Relationships
  • Daily Life
  • Manage the Language Barrier

Are you interested? Contact us and try out the first lesson for free!

Start: 11/01/2012, on appointment
Price: 10 USD per lesson, incl. excursion




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