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Elements Club & Lounge


Ground Floor, Attwood Business Center, toeuk Thla, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Tel 1: +855 15 703 001
Tel 2: +855 89 997 784
Tel 3: + 855 16 827 999

Nightlife reigns in style at Elements with enticing options to indulge any mood. A chic lounge exudes a dark sexy atmosphere ideal for cocktails and conversation. On the other side is a modern disco area playing a variety of hip hop funky techno house music with an elevated dance floor equipped with a state- of- the- art audio and lights system. A voyeuristic design throughout the club allows people to see the entire venue from almost every point in the room. Urban performances from our resident artists including human galleries taking roles in lavish costumes can be seen on special events...



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