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Memoria Palace & Resort


Pailin, Cambodia

Tel 1: 855-55-6363-090
Tel 2: 855-15-430-014
Tel 3: 855-15-430-013

Nestled on a cozy northern edge hilltop of the Cardamom Mountains in northwestern Cambodia, Memoria is a beautiful boutique eco-resort offering simple, yet stylish accommodations, memorable experiences and personal rejuvenation. The tranquil comfort of the lush green natural beauty on the resort property and surrounding area creates an environment perfect for a variety of escapes; peace and relaxation, adventure and outdoors, or quality time with family and friends.

Memoria Palace and Resort is a cozy hideaway with an inviting appeal. The resort and vast incredible natural wonder draws you to relax and discover the untouched beauty of the surrounding Cardamom Mountains and foothills. Your senses perk with the magnificent views across the countryside, fresh clean air, beautiful scents of nature, idyllic farmlands, invigorating breeze off the mountains, and unforgettable sunrises and sunsets.

Come visit us at our beautiful, quaint and cozy resort!



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