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Get your runners on for charity fatty!


With Christmas dinners barely digested and New Year’s resolutions still fresh in the mind, it’s time to don tracksuits, bug your mates for sponsorship and get signed-up for as many charity sporting events as possible.
February 18 and 19 will mark the fifth and possibly final year of the Kep Trio Sporting and Fundraising Event, which involves a 10km bike ride and a half- marathon, 10km run/walk and 3km run/walk .

Band Profile: The Fumes


The Lowdown:

The Fumes started out as a group of teachers from International School Phnom Penh with a shared taste for the rock of ages. Currently in its third incarnation, the band hopes to provide Phnom Penh with an eclectic education in the history of rock music. Influences range from the ‘60s to now, including The White Stripes, Green Day, Violent Femmes, Garbage, The Killers, Talking Heads, The Pixies, and The Kinks.

Naturae Cafe @ The 240


Many of the Phnom Penh venues frequented by a large number of expats have a tendency to multitask. Cafes come complete with a small craft boutique, restaurants have their own art gallery. The exemplar par excellence of this trend is The 240. Upstairs, it is a boutique hotel, downstairs there is a shop specialising in organic and ecologically friendly food and cleaning products, this blends seamlessly into a café area, ambling gently out into the bijoux, leafy, courtyard.

Filmmaker Screening of Davy Chou's "Golden Slumbers"


The 1960s and early 70s were a golden period for Cambodian culture. During this period, Cambodia developed its own distinctive rock’n’roll style, infused with the hypnotic rhythms of traditional Khmer music. Cambodian cinema also flourished, with large crowds drawn to cinemas around the country to watch Cambodian films. Then the Khmer Rouge came to power and this flowering of culture was torn out like a weed. Actors, directors artist and musicians were systematically murdered, only a precious few managed to flee the country.

A Little Latin Spirit in Daunh Penh - The Latin Quarter


It is a striking sign of globalisation that an Englishman can eat South American cuisine in the heart of South East Asia. Yet here in Phnom Penh, you can dine out at The Latin Quarter on a mixture of dishes from all corners of Latin America, prepared by Khmer chefs (albeit under the watchful eye of the restaurant’s Uruguayan manager Diego). The colonial setting, and a heady pick’n’mix of Latin music styles streaming out of the PA system, transport you thousands of miles away, to the far barrios of Buenos Aires, Bogota, Montevideo and Havana.

Comedy Club Asia Returns - January 16th, 2012


Following the success of the first Comedy Club Asia in Cambodia on Tuesday the 6th of December. The show, which is the brainchilds of multilingual Aussie comedian Jonathan Atherton will be returning to the kingdom of wonder on the of the 16th of January, with a new set of international stand ups to tickle our collective fancies.

So who do we have to look forward to?

Reality Clashes with Illusion at Java Gallery


The two new exhibitions opening on the 10th of January at Java Café and Gallery both explore the contrast between the perceived or expected and darker, more uncertain, underlying realities.

For example, one of the paintings in Ben Thynal’s collection “My Selfish Family”, depicts a tightly wound group of people trapped in a circular formation—their smiling faces purposely misleading when paired with the title “Monster Family.”

2011 - 2012 - Transiting – from the Past through the Present into the Future

Norbert Klein

The Documentation Center of Cambodia (DC-Cam) carries, with every e-mail sent, the following line:

“...a society cannot know itself if it does not have an accurate memory of its own history.”

Have a look – click! - at their resources: the Documentation Center of Cambodia, the Cambodia Tribunal Monitor, and the Sleuk Rith Institute – the latter is a Permanent Documentation Center of Cambodia, explaining that it refers to “Sleuk Rith, dried leaves that Cambodian religious leaders and scholars have used for centuries to write on them and to document history, disseminate knowledge, and preserve culture.”

Brasserie du Port – A rich, buttery taste of the South of France


Brasserie du Port – A rich, buttery taste of the South of France
For a long time, the area around the Night Market was like a frontier country for the average ex-pat, A border land beyond which lay uncharted territory and signs which read ‘Here Be Monsters…And No Nice Restaurants!’.

Some clarifications – Christmas

Norbert Klein

Yesterday I was asked about why there is a Christmas holiday in “the West” which is now also taking on in Cambodia: to be nice to others by giving gifts, and also the business community is promoting this as a welcome opportunity to increase sales.


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