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Hanoi's best live bands and DJs in aid of Support Carl Bart

By: EAS Staff Posted: September-20-2011 in
EAS Staff

Join us for an evening jam-packed with some of Hanoi's best live bands and DJs in aid of Support Carl Bart. on SATURDAY 24th September.

Hanoi Rock City will be rocking from 7pm until 2am – come along early and join us for a proper British BBQ and stay for some great tunes, a prize laden raffle and our very own Support Carl Bart shooter girls!

Big thanks to Hanoi Rock City and Synergy and to all the bands and DJs for giving their time to help this cause.

…and so we find ourselves in this awful predicament. Our darling son is hurt in a road accident, we have no knowledge of how it happened, just that he has serious brain injury, we have to get him home, but the cost is immense. How on earth we find the money, God only knows. There is no help from the Government, not even in the short term, and the state hospitals don’t have the facilities for his condition, so every day he stays in the private hospital costs £1,200. He won’t be well enough to leave for some time, and then there’s the air ambulance home. If he is well enough to come by stretcher on a scheduled flight we are looking at £35,000 to £45,000, so with the hospital fees of at least £30,000, that’s a lot of money to find. If he isn’t well enough for a stretcher flight and we end up arranging an air ambulance that will be £100,000.

We have managed to raise £60,000 by re-mortgaging our house, but we will be unlikely to ever pay that off, being now 59 and 60 years old, so we will have to sell at some point. We have pooled all our credit cards to raise another £25,000, so if all stays as planned we sort of have enough. The problems start though when we have to start repaying, so absolutely anything that can be done to raise funds to help will be great and truly appreciated.Mouth of the WolF (S.M.P.)
Often told not to shout so much, especially by those who love him, Mouth of The Wolf looks forward to missing chords, failing keys, confusing audiences and generally making Hanoians sway, dance and cry inexplicably, in no particular order.

If you've not heard MOTW play before you've been missing out. Check out some of the tracks below from the latest EP.

Zippy is certainly popping up everywhere at the moment and we're very glad she'll be available to preform at our event along with her ukulele, Eugene.

Tracks from this talented and dare I say slightly unusual Canadian artist can be found on her MySpace page, and are availavle to buy on iTunes.

Dang Nam Phuong (S.M.P.)
An amazing young female song writer.

Elegant piano and power vocals. Recent performances have literally left the audience in awe of this must see talent.

You can listen to a couple of Phuong's tracks here.

Good Mouth Feel (S.M.P.)
Very pleased Good Mouth Feel could make it! Hanoi expats Christophe, Luke, Kyle and Sarah will make you feel good in more places than just the mouth.

DJ Slo-Lo is the alter-ego of Bush Lam: composer, bassist, vocalist and music promotor who hails from Da Lat but is forever on the move, seeking out new projects and musicians.

Fortunately for us, Lam is in town and up for a late night DJ set!

Vaughan has never failed to get a dance floor packed and we mean never and has been a proponent of good-non-commercial beats.

Young, fun and charismatic, NuVoltage is a Nu-Metal/Alternative rock band influenced by Linkin Park, Limp bizkit, Lost prophets and Explosions in the sky

Dirty Fingrz
Indie DJ Dirty Fingrz will kick off the night with some tunes to draw in the crowds.

Hanoi's acoustic dance rockers join us for a set.


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