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Baan Tonmali Cake Coffee Shop

By: Thomas Wanhoff Posted: June-13-2011 in
Green Tea/Chocolate-Cupcake
Thomas Wanhoff

We do not have Starbucks here in Laos, and that might be good, cause it allows the local coffee shop scene to develop. A new kind of gemstone just opened a few days ago. The Name is Ban Tonmali Cake, what translates House of the Yasmin Cake, and is a small cute fancy place to have coffee and - cakes. Owner Phanumad Disattha is a filmmaker, and decided to create a place where filmmakers and photographers can meet. The filmmaking business got a boost recently, having two filmfestivals in Laos and a growing interest in locally produced movies. (See also the article about At the horizon on Expat Advisory).

The coffee shop and restaurants opens daily from 8am to 8pm. It is planned to screen movies on weekends.

Food and Drinks
Most important for me Baan Tonmali offers a good coffee, imported from Thailand, but at a high quality. I prefer Coffee Latte, but espresso and cappuccino is available as well.
For the more healthy people is a huge selection of fresh fruit juices available, from Beetleroot-Orange to Ginger-Carrot and so on.

More important than the drinks is the food. Phanumad wife Kanlayanee makes the sinful delicious cakes. The selection is changing everyday, so be ready for s surprise, but be assured you will not regret to try it.

Lunch is also available, I tried the rice with yellow crab meat curry for 12.000 KIP and can recommend it. Do not expect sophisticated western food but a reasonable and taste local cusine.


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