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Review: Happa

By: Nyam Penh Posted: January-21-2011 in
Happa on Street 278 - Photo Credit - Vinh Dao
Nyam Penh

Upon walking into Happa, the first thing you notice is the big griddle that practically everything on the menu is prepared on. One of the great things about this style of cooking is that it tends to be very hygienic which is always a plus to see in Cambodia.
Now onto the food.

The Okonomiyaki with cheese and bacon (click photos) was a very polarizing dish for me. I like the combination of the smokiness of the bacon along with the very sweet oyster sauce that topped the pancake but didn’t care for the cheese at all.

We also had some very standard gyoza, a fantastic yakisoba with seafood, and deep fried chunky tofu in a radish sauce. The tofu was fried perfectly, topped with a roasted piece of eggplant and some finely chopped radish (click photos). The best part of the meal was that it was great value for quality. – Vinh

The okonomiyaki came to the table first which was exciting but the first bite was a curve ball. It the kind of thing where you think ’how could the bacon and cheese option not be amazing?’ but something was not right. Kind of reminded me of cheesy blasters. That being said, everything else was really tasty. The yakisoba shown above was really nice and colorful.
The gyoza was perfectly seared on their large skillet and delicious. Overall, Happa is not too expensive, has a nice atmosphere and the food was pretty great. I will definitely be back. – Bryse

Vinh: 4 out of 5 Nyomies
Bryse: 4.5 out of 5 nyomies

Nº. 17AEo, Street 278
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Source: Nyam Penh


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