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Introducing Jaguar Skills: ninja master of the mix

By: Phoenix Jay Posted: February-10-2012 in
Phoenix Jay

Bastardising music is nothing new. From the jazz tradition of reinterpreting standards to the DIY ethic of punk, the art of assembling new songs from purloined elements of existing tracks has been around since music was first recorded. But a certain breed of DJ is jacking up the creative bar – and then some.

Jaguar Skills is one such purloiner. The London-based mash-up artist has been DJing for 15 years. He first made a name for himself in 2002, with eclectic ‘Mash it up like YB’-style mix-tapes, and today boasts a weekly 10-minute slot on BBC Radio 1Xtra’s The Trevor Nelson Show. In between, he has famously spun tunes for everyone from über-chic Japanese clothing label Maharishi to Jade Jagger (as resident DJ at her raucous Jezebel nights in Ibiza).

A self-styled ‘Ninja DJ’, this self-confessed Japanophile habitually performs in a full ninja face mask and his personal details, including real name and age, are kept a closely guarded secret. A refreshing change from the relentless self-promotion preferred by most spinners of the wheels of steel, some might argue. Originally, only Nelson himself was privy to Jag’s specifics, but his real identity has since been leaked to fellow Radio 1 DJs Chris Moyles and Vernon Kay.

Jag counts among his influences esteemed naturalist and TV presenter Sir David Attenborough, notable comedy genius Stephen Fry, and “my dad – the hardest, most hardcore, focused ninja I know”. Go figure. Catch this unique brand of “super ninja funk shit” at Pontoon Club on Street 172, February 10. Entry is free before 11pm. Show face any later and it’ll cost you $6.

WHO: Jaguar Skills
WHAT: Mash-up DJ
WHERE: Pontoon Club, Street 172
WHEN: February 10
WHY: Because who doesn’t love ninjas?


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