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Hundreds dead following Water Festival bridge stampede

By: EAS Staff Posted: November-23-2010 in
Photo Credit - Dylan Walker
EAS Staff

At least 339 Water Festival revellers were killed according to official estimates and hundreds more were rushed to hospital following a stampede on Koh Pich (Diamond Island) bridge around 10pm last night.

Prime Minister, Hun Sen, said the death toll had reached 339 by around 2.30am but authorities are expected to revise the number upwards as the night progresses.

Witnesses said electrical wires strung from the bridge fell and electrocuted people on the bridge, causing a stampede on the narrow passageway. This could not be confirmed immediately via authorities.

Survivors were being rushed to Calmette and Russian hospitals, according to medical personnel on site.

Thousands of shoes were left behind on the bridge bearing testimony to the tragedy that unfolded in the closing moments of the traditional annual three-day festival.

Updates to follow.

Phnom Penh - 12 hours after the tragedy

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