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Destination Phnom Penh for the Stanton Warriors

By: Ritchie Munro Posted: December-12-2009 in
Ritchie Munro

Tonight Platinum Club Cambodia welcomes yet another star from the international music circuit. In the last year we have witnessed an eclectic collection of D.J's, Bands and performers, but surely none are as big as this. Dominic B of the Stanton Warriors has stopped by in the middle of his Asian tour to celebrate his birthday in Phnom Penh.

One way or another you've probably already come into contact with the Stanton Warriors. For some time it's most likely it was underfoot as the market leader in drain covers. In recent years though, it's more likely to be from one of the most popular and distinctive dance DJ, production and remix outfits about, Mark Yardley & Dominic B - the Stanton Warriors. Be there and support Cambodia as an intentional stop off point for musicians.

Check out the listing in the Phnom Penh "Gig Guide"


Photos from the night - here

Photos from the night - here


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