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Expats walk to raise US$1 million for Homeless Street Children of Bali

By: Bali Discovery Posted: June-21-2011 in
Bali Discovery

Two Bali Expatriates Vow to Walk the Archipelago Bare-Foote Until They Raise US$1 million for Homeless Street Children of indonesia.

Robert Epstone and Beat Schmid de Guneck will be joined on the entire Bali walk by another long-term Bali resident,Frenchman Daniel Chieppa his family. Two Bali-based expatriates have resolved to walk bare-footed and keep walking until they managed to raise one million dollars to assist homeless children in indonesia.

Englishman Robert Epstone and Swiss national Beat Schmid de Gruneck have both lived extremely colorful lives before adopting Bali as their home.

Epstone has travelled in Morocco, Nepal, Costa Rica, Malawi and Tibet . in each of these locales he has worked tirelessly to raise funds for the U.K. Teanage Cancer Trust.

Swiss-born Beat Schmid de Guneck is a life-long charter sailor who has retired to Bali.

In Bali, both men met and resolved to do what they could to aid an estimated 232,000 homeless children living on the streets of indonesia. And they decided what they could do best was to go walk barefoot on the roads of indonesia until they raise their targeted US$1 million.

Their fund raising got underway on April 20, 2011, when U.S. musician Carlton Smith performed a charity concert organized by Rotary District 3400 that raised an initial Rp. 34,731,000 (US$3,950).

The next phase of the campaign begins on June 5, 2011, where the two men will embark on a 30-day 550 km walk across Bali. The walk is intended to raise awareness for the plight of indonesia’s street children, collect pledges from interested parties around the world following them on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and their website.

Robert Epstone and Beat Schmid de Guneck will be joined on the entire Bail walk by another long-term Bali resident, Frenchman Daniel Chieppa and his family.

The three men leading the walk encourage interested people to join them on part or all of their barefoot walk by bringing pledges to their cause.

The Solemen indonesian Walk
Robert and Beat will start their 500+ km walk on June 5, 2011 from the beach opposite the Hard Rock Café in Bali, returning to the same location on July 3, 2011.

The Solemen Walking itinerary
June 5 – Kuta Beach at Hard Rock Café , Kuta Beach 2:30 pm
June 6 – Canggu 2:30 pm departure
June 7 – Tabanan
June 8 – Antosari
June 9 – Batungsel
June 10 – Ringdikit
June 11 – Siririt
June 12 – Grokgak
June 13 – Sumber Kime
June 14 – Gilimanuk
June15 – Singaraja (Staying one day)
June 16 – Singaraja
June 17 – Kubu Tabahan
June 18 –Tajun
June 19 –Penulisan
June 20 – Batur Temple
June 21 – Bangli
June 22 – Rendang
June 23 – Telaga
June 23 – Telaga
June 24 – Amlapura
June 25 –Candidasa – (Staying one day)
June 26 – Candidasa
June 27 – Semarapura
June 28 – Kemunih
June 29 – Sibang Kaja
June 30 – Renon (Denpasar)
July 1 –Benoa
July 2 – Uluwati
July 3 – Kuta Beach – Welcome Party at 6 pm on the beach opposite the Hard Rock Café

Departure is set for 6 am each day unless otherwise indicated.

Source: Bali Discovery


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