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Beachside oasis on the coast of Cambodia

By: Greta Kite-Gilmour Posted: April-11-2015 in
Greta Kite-Gilmour

Stepping through the enormous wooden gates into Knai Bang Chatt resort, visitors are instantly transported to an altogether different world. A winding stone pathway will guide you to the reception area, where upon your arrival you will be greeted by smiling, fully English-speaking staff, and presented with a cool washcloth and fresh

About great coffee and ghastly company

By: The Advisor Posted: March-19-2015 in
The Advisor

"Meet me at E&M Café in five minutes,” the high-pitched, brutish voice tells me. I hang up the phone and stare blankly over the rail of my balcony. I didn’t want to resort to such low methods. Indeed, this was the last course of action I was willing

Meat-eaters flock to the latest Aussie steak joint

By: The Advisor Posted: March-19-2015 in
The Advisor

One thing you can’t do with babies, you can’t give them steak” – Flavor Flav.

Given the sage words of Flavor Flav, it was just as well we didn’t have any babies in tow when we visited Black Salt, as steak is what they are fast becoming renowned for in this stylish little eatery.

POTW - Standard Renovated Apartment Near Riverside For Sale, 1Bedroom

By: POTW Editor Posted: February-16-2015 in
POTW Editor

Standard Renovated Apartment Near Riverside For Sale, 1Bedroom.

Whether you prefer a quiet stroll in the evenings or a world of nightlife options, this stylish new home will have you spoilt for choice. With a superior location near scenic Riverside, you will be at the heart of Phnom Penh’s fine dining and shopping district.

How to go with the Southeast Asian flow

By: The Advisor Posted: December-18-2014 in
The Advisor

The sonic vibrations of the tro rise and fall like the chests of entwined lovers. Strings sigh wistfully, their longing exhalations floating like warm breath on the air. Time slows, the atmosphere thickening into an insulating blanket of impossibly soft sound. Tiny eddies stir slowly in vast lakes of lilies, warm tropical water seeping between the toes of giggling children fishing for a free meal. Speed no longer exists. Tensions dissolve. Pressure is a quaint notion from the past.

Wolves On The Tracks

By: Wayne McCallum Posted: October-24-2014 in
Wayne McCallum

Twenty years ago this month, the bodies of three backpackers murdered by the Khmer Rouge were recovered from the hills of Kampot. Wayne McCallum explores their story and how the fatuity of our youth can go tragically wrong.

Guatemala, September 1993:



‘Shit! Was that a dog?’

POTW - Its all about location... Riverside One Bed loft style with amazing views

By: POTW Posted: September-19-2014 in

Location, location, location...
The ultimate riverside location, in the heart of Phnom Penh's nightlife and dining, this two floor, one bedroom loft style apartment has 180 degree river views of the Tonle Sap and Mekong Rivers.

POTW - Amazing luxury villa 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms located in central Phnom Penh

By: POTW Editor Posted: September-03-2014 in
POTW Editor

Massive luxury villa set on 800m2 of land in central Phnom Penh.

Ideal for a professional family or ambassador relocating to Cambodia.

This fully furnished oasis in the city features 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms and a private staff quarters.

L'ami Pierrot Bistro - Doing Food Right

By: Teej Posted: August-30-2014 in

Peter Didier – The owner of the restaurant, has pulled off something quite spectacular here.

His restaurant, L’ami Pierrot, found a little off the beaten track, offers a blend of traditional and contemporary French food where diners can lose themselves in a chilled out, Mediterranean haze.

The Exchange - Gangsta's paradise

By: Teej Posted: August-30-2014 in

The Exchange – Phnom Penh, St #47 Nr Wat Phnom

Situated in very close proximity to one of Phnom Penh’s more beautiful tourist spots; Wat Phnom - The Exchange is an ideal place to take a break from your sight-seeing expeditions, get some grub and relax.

From the outside, the building itself is rather impressive. In stark contrast to most bars and restaurants in Phnom Penh, this is architecturally very western and at first glance looks comparable to a Hollywood mansion.


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