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Cambodians criticise Angkor National Museum for Thai influence and cultural mire

By: Expat Advisory Posted: July-08-2008 in
Expat Advisory

The loss of artefacts is partly attributed to looting over the centuries, appropriation by the colonial ruler for French museums, or mere relocation to the National Museum in Cambodia.

Though the treasures may remain within the country, the National Museum is over 185 miles from Angkor, which encouraged Vilailuck to rectify the issue by opening the nearby Angkor National Museum.

The Angkor National Museum has borrowed almost 1000 Buddhas from the national Museum, but has been the object of significant criticism since its unveiling in October.

Cambodia e-Visa Problem

By: Expat Advisory Posted: July-02-2008 in
Expat Advisory

All corresponding emails to Cambodia e-Visa authorities have been removed or not active at this moment of time.

This removal has caused major upset and distress to travellers who have already applied and paid for their eVisa but are unable to print them out. Not only has this caused financial loss to the applicants, but the sudden removal of the website has also prevented them from visiting Cambodia. All travellers who are facing problems with the eVisa system are encouraged to leave their feedback at

UN: Phnom Penh Security Alert

By: EAS Staff Posted: June-25-2008 in
EAS Staff

Concerned residents in the BKK have joined together to alert the general public's awareness to increased incidences of armed crime in the capital city. Reading the following incident reports (that may or may not have been reported to the police) a pattern emerges: three people on a moto, the back person jumps off with gun and mugs the unsuspecting person.

Below is an excerpt from a Weekly UN Security Report

3 June: Mugging, unconfirmed

Cambodia, Laos See Surge in Korean Investments

By: Expat Advisory Posted: June-25-2008 in
Expat Advisory

Figures by the Korea International Trade Association show a steep on-year growth of US$1.3 billion in Korea's corporate investment in Cambodia last year. That makes the Southeast Asian country the second-biggest destination after China in terms of Korea's overseas investment.

Investments to Laos, meanwhile, posted a 16-fold jump in 2006 from the year before and chalked up $81 million in 2007.

Analysts say such expansion in investment has helped Korean exports to the two countries post significant growth, especially for auto parts, textiles and steel.

"Buy 1, Fly 2" Promotion Marks THAI Airways 48th Anniversary Celebrations

By: Expat Advisory Posted: June-24-2008 in
Expat Advisory

Mr. Pandit Chanapai, THAI's Executive Vice President, said passengers participating in the promotion will be able to buy one international ticket from Bangkok to one of the following: any city in Europe, Japan, Korea, Johannesburg, Auckland, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Taipei and receive their second ticket free.

The special offer which marks the company's 48th anniversary is valid between 25 June and 30 September 2008 with return tickets valid for 3 months from the date of the commencing journey.

High cost of fuel doesn't deter Air Asia

By: Expat Advisory Posted: June-24-2008 in
Expat Advisory

Sky-rocketing fuel prices are not bothering budget airline AirAsia who announced earlier this week that they could maintain profits even if fuel hit US$200 a barrel.

Chief Executive Tony Fernandes at a two-day global economic forum said AirAsia hasn't planned to raise fares or its fuel surcharges, but will concentrate on expanding their regional route network and onflight sales and seek lower airport charges to increase revenue.

CAMBODIA: Taking Bird Flu Lessons to the Community

By: Expat Advisory Posted: June-18-2008 in
Expat Advisory

The government is taking the battle against avian influenza in fowl and humans to the villages, especially in rural areas bordering Thailand and Vietnam, where there have been cases recently. With the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), it is organising forums, roadshows and workshops to increase awareness among farmers of the potential risks.

One Man Helps Cambodia Rebuild Trust

By: David Montero Posted: June-18-2008 in
David Montero

A timeless problem nearly ruined the Buar Sramum's marriage: Her husband, a fish seller, doesn't make enough money, and the money he makes he often mismanages, making it even harder in this impoverished village to feed the couple's three children. When Mrs. Sramum berated her husband, things got heated, and they argued bitterly for weeks.

China Presence in Cambodia Grows

By: Mayarith Posted: June-18-2008 in

China, hungry for strategic influence and natural resources, is asserting itself as a major investor in Cambodia, sparking concerns that a huge inflow of Chinese cash will fuel existing corruption and exploitation in one of the world's poorest countries.

The relationship between the two countries is long and mixed, given Maoist China's unflagging support for the late supreme Khmer Rouge leader Pol Pot, whose Marxist faction is blamed for the deaths of more than a million Cambodians from 1975-79.

Sung Bonna: The right agent

By: Adam Fogarty Posted: June-18-2008 in
Adam Fogarty

Sung Bonna is one of Cambodia's most successful real estate entrepreneurs. It also immediately becomes apparent that he is not your average Cambodian real estate agent.

Genteel and humble, Bonna displays neither the arrogance nor the intensity that frequently comes with spending one's life pushing land deals. Instead, flanked by a large statue of the Buddha behind his large mahogany desk in a leafy street in Sangkat Beong Kok II he comes across as patient and unassuming ± more a listener than a talker.


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