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Gnashing of Teeth Part II: On the Other Hand Rabbi...

By: Jeff Mudrick Posted: July-07-2010 in
Jeff Mudrick

Leonard Cohen
Of course with all this teeth gnashing there had to be an other hand. And this came through to me quite forcefully last evening following a conversation with the concert promoter who happened to be in Phnom Penh and stopped by Garage for a couple of cold beverages and to talk about the Cohen show.

Dengue Dever Concert benefits Cambodian Living Arts

By: Press release Posted: June-11-2010 in
Press release

Cambodian Living Arts, an NGO based in Phnom Penh, announced today that the Los Angeles-based band Dengue Fever, featuring Cambodian lead singer, Chhom Nimol, raised more than $7,500.00 (U.S.) for the organization during a sold-out concert at the Parkway Studios in the Cambodian capital last month.

Forget the sushi/sashimi

By: Wesley Taller Posted: March-10-2010 in
Wesley Taller


This thursday the one and only DJ DOMINATION AKA ASIA'S FINEST SWORD MASTER will come down and show his " La Test " NINJA skills on tha decks, vibe productions does it again, providing you only with the best!
So if you are curious, anxious and willing to give up your sushi DON'T HESITATE ,

pre party vibes and on...

By: Wesley Taller Posted: March-10-2010 in
Wesley Taller

Are you in for some PRE PARTY VIBES?
The best place to get your early saturday night started is @ the Chinese House, along Sisowath quay.
DJ WEZ will throw in some old school deep down beats while you are zipping on some magnificent cocktails.
Paul and his team's mission is to get people into the groove before the late night tunes settle in over the mighty Penh.
So if you are in for some ear candies go down to the Chinese House and get that bootie movin.

The friends, the road, the magic: 28 - 31 January

By: Phnom Penh Gigs Posted: February-04-2010 in
Phnom Penh Gigs

It was the last Thursday in January, and the last date of the Blue Cheese and Bacon Burger Hellhounds 2010 Tour of Sharky Bar. And the playing was of a highest uber-ian quality, and the audience was keen and engaged, and the Mythical Dude was standing up, and Bong Thom was having out of body experiences, and the Swedish Ambassador was grooving it up, and Jimmy Hellhound was howling and cussing and there may or may not have been some cowbell, and there was certainly some awesome harmonising, like a bunch of old country folk sitting around on someone's porch with big clay bottles of homemade cider ... and they saw that it was good.

Guitar Gypsy

By: FCC Cambodia Posted: February-02-2010 in
FCC Cambodia

Singer-songwriter Emmanuel Groult, a.k.a. Monsieur Nû, brings a world of music to the FCC.

Growing up bouncing around the Middle East, French-born guitarist Emmanuel Groult found little time for music.

Life was far too adventurous.

"I have some really amazing memories of Egypt," he says. "Once, my father, my uncle, some friends and I climbed one of the pyramids at Gizeh at 3 a.m. to watch the sun rise over Old Cairo. It's one of the greatest experiences of my life."

A Truckful of Soul

By: FCC Cambodia Posted: February-02-2010 in
FCC Cambodia

Australian bluesrock veteran Paul Janovskis -- known for soulful lyrics and stripped-down guitar licks -- plays Phnom Penh in February.

As a 12-year-old boy growing up in Melbourne, Paul Janovskis wanted not only to be a musician, he wanted to be a rebel in the greatest traditions of rock 'n' roll.

It was at that unruly age that Janovskis, who performs at the FCC on Feb. 19-20, picked up one of his dad's guitars and started playing regularly. At the same time, he hooked up with some musically inclined neighbors -- including Nick Seymour from Crowded House -- and began playing in "party bands".

A quiet weekend for once: 21 - 22 January

By: Phnom Penh Gigs Posted: January-26-2010 in
Phnom Penh Gigs

The Hellhounds were glad to welcome the Swedish Ambassador back on bass playing & hat wearing duties on Thursday night at Sharky's. It was great to have my rhythm section buddy back filling in the holes that I leave behind in the grooves occasionally. We slipped into the old patterns as easily as we downed the bacon and blue cheese burgers beforehand. Now, if we can only get a couple more channels in the mixer, the vocals can gather together as well ... expect some new songs when you drop in this Thursday.

Plan B, Live at The FCC Angkor

By: The FCC Cambodia Posted: December-31-2009 in
The FCC Cambodia

It's always good to have a plan B.

Just ask Peter Flierl, a.k.a. Sneaky Pete. When the Australian bass player's band, Del Webb Explosion, split up in the early 1980s, he put plan B into motion: he formed a new band that he fittingly named PLAN B.

"PLAN B quickly established itself as a force to be reckoned with," Flierl says.

The Adelaide-based group quickly became popular while playing "a very palatable form of hard-edged pop-influenced soul", he says.

"We were all pretty good lookin' back then . . . still are . . . although some have fared better than others," Flierl jokes.

Destination Phnom Penh for the Stanton Warriors

By: Ritchie Munro Posted: December-12-2009 in
Ritchie Munro

Tonight Platinum Club Cambodia welcomes yet another star from the international music circuit. In the last year we have witnessed an eclectic collection of D.J's, Bands and performers, but surely none are as big as this. Dominic B of the Stanton Warriors has stopped by in the middle of his Asian tour to celebrate his birthday in Phnom Penh.


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