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Erika Willett

Since: July-07-2013
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Occupation: TEFL Teacher, Guest House Manager, bartender, Sales, Retail, Promotions/Events management
Location: Phonm Penh
Migrated to Cambodia 11 months ago from Australia. Have been working a variety of roles on Otres Beach. Most recently Managing a Guest House. I am highly training in the following roles: hospitality, tourism, sales, retail, marketing, finance management, events management, and promotions. I am seeking paid employment in Phonm Penh as soon as possible. I speak and write english fluently, I speak a good amount of Khmer and continue to learn more each day. I am 29 years of age, confident, self assured, considerate and respectful to all i encounter. 17 Years Customs Service Administration Business Owner Guest House Operations Management Coordinator Maintenance Import Logistics 4 years Retail/Sales Warehouse/Stocktake Promotions Liaison Basic cooking Marketing Domestic & Commercial Cleaning Visual Merchandising Al La Cart Waitress Bartender Reception Education: Senior First Aid Certificate Positive notice blue card to work with children Responsible service of alcohol (RSA) Leadership and mentoring award Certificate 5 TEFL Associated Degree Applied Social Science Certificate 1 Communication for the Workplace Certificate 1 & 2 Interior Design Certificate 2 Information Technologies Certificate 2 Business & Office Administration Coffee wise barista training


Events, Hospitality, Tourism, Sales



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