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Helen Jarvis - 21 Years in Cambodia

By: Charlotte Lancaster Posted: July-08-2009 in
Charlotte Lancaster

Released from long periods of instability and liberated by peace, Cambodia has come a long way since Mrs. Jarvis, Chief of Public Affairs, ECCC, first arrived in Cambodia in 1967. Visiting the region as part of a student leadership programme, Helen fondly remembers the curiosity of a people leisurely commuting on remorque's as they inquisitively observe the lone foreigner marvelling the temples of Angkor.

Dr. Scott: Concerns of Change in Cambodia

By: Charlotte Lancaster Posted: July-04-2009 in
Charlotte Lancaster

Citing Transparency International's latest report, which finds Cambodia in the top percentile of most corrupt countries in the world, Dr. Scott elicits his point that Cambodia is a function of money and not a product of progress. "The absence of a sound rule of law is a more important issue here than poverty", states Dr. Scott, who has lived in Cambodia for 15 years. Further elaborating that while the disparity between the rich and poor may be 'ok' for now, history has repeatedly demonstrated that such tension will eventually boil over.

Watching Tevy

By: Adam Fogarty Posted: July-08-2008 in
Adam Fogarty

As a protégé of local arts entrepreneur Nico Mesterharm, and one-time artist in residence of Phnom Penh's MetaHouse, Sokuntevy ('Tevy') has brought startling authenticity to the Cambodian fine arts community - authenticity which is not an exaggeration of context.


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