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Promesses to be a Beautiful Night

By: Naomi Goldsmith-Dixon Posted: September-08-2010 in
Naomi Goldsmith-Dixon

Tomorrow night, the 9th of September Promesses lingerie shop on street 282 will host its second annual runway show to display their latest collection of garments from Paris. The show promises to be a delight, with five different models showcasing nightwear, swimwear and evening dresses to a female only audience.

The garments on show will be from the Aubade and BlueGlue collections which come in a range of sizes suitable for both Cambodians and foreigners alike.

Boutique hopping...

By: Expat Advisory Posted: July-16-2008 in
Expat Advisory

It has happened to all of us. You're on one of the city's more congested roads, trapped between a million modes of transport and, unable to do anything else, you find yourself staring at the surroundings of wherever the traffic has managed to cage you. In the process you discover buildings and shops you never noticed before...and just as you register this discovery the transport whirlpool is swept into movement again and that shop is relegated back to the blur that makes up the landscape of Phnom Penh traffic.

What lies beneath... Cambodia's Lingerie

By: Tanja Wessels Posted: April-22-2008 in
Tanja Wessels

It all started a long time ago. I came out of my bedroom in a low-cut black dress and my new push-up bra. My French boyfriend at the time looked delighted and uttered something in his mother tongue. When I asked him to translate- he had surpassed my understanding of his language-he replied "in France we 'ave a saying: there are many people on ze balcony" gesturing to my cleavage and returning to his smile. I turned the colour of a fire hydrant. He was too busy smiling to notice.


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