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How to add coupons

Cambodia Coupons can be viewed here

How to add a coupon

Coupons are linked to your user name and the business / businesses you have registered on Expat Advisory

Sample Coupons
Bong Mee Cha

The Flicks

After you have registered and added your business/s listings in the directory, expat advisory will upgrade your user name with add coupon permissions – allow 24 hours to process. Once the activation is completed your will receive an email notification and then you will be able to add coupons and edit the coupons offers as often as you like.

If you have multiple businesses registered under the same user name you can add coupons for those businesses as well.

Once you have registered and been approved this link will be open to that user
Add a coupon

Your coupons will be located, along with your other content in "My Account"

How to add coupons

How to add coupons

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