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rules for real estate agents

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From today July 30th 2013, we wil be enforcing the rule for one property per day per user / agency - additional posts to the one per day rule will be deleted.

If you are posting a rental property in this section, there are rules that you must adhere to or the post will be deleted and or your account suspended / blocked.

This is a free service.
ALL post must be for a specific available property.
NO postings for apartment complexes that are offering speculative properties
NO multiple postings or blanket general post for an agency.

One post per property

ONLY one post per day per real estate agency - NO multiple account per agencies.

The terms of the lease: Deposit with monthly payments. Deposit to be specified. i.e.
2 months or 6 months.

Real estate agency commission payable by the tenant.

Management fee payable. Plus any other charges that are applicable.

Cutting and pasting text that includes HTML will also be deleted

Failure to follow this format will result in deletion of the post.

Listings for each property MUST be a separate listing. General ads for real estate agencies WILL be deleted

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I'm really sorry, I have just posted 2 property per day and I don't know how to delete one


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