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Hi guys, is there any of you looking for teaching opportunity in Vietnam? I would like to introduce a community network which allows you connect directly to learners in Vietnam.
Eduu is the community network connecting learners and teachers
Technology has introduced enormous changes to the education landscape. Nowadays people can choose among various learning methods available e.g. online learning, online and offline learning materials, online manuals and guidebooks, etc. However, there is hardly any learning method more effective than person-to-person interactions with a tutor, hence the Eduu is formed as a connection between teachers and learners.

By matching the demands of both parties, Eduu aspires to contribute to the development of education in Vietnam
Eduu is a website which offers you the opportunity to access a huge source of learners and teachers throughout Vietnam without any kind of charge. AS long as you master a skill or a subject, you can upload your own post to seek for learners in need without any kind of charge.
Eduu currently have more than 1000 learners living in Vietnam looking for a suitable teacher or coach.

Join us for free today and find yourself numerous learners and teachers with just one click.

For more information and instruction, please go to

Log in, join us and you are offered a great source of students and teachers in every aspects.


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