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Psychometric Tests - Aptitude Tests - Reasoning Tests - Personality Tests

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PsyAsia International provides a range of personality tests and ability, aptitude and reasoning tests for use in employee selection and development, team-building and coaching, as well as for individual career development and counselling. Whilst our main focus is Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia, we also distribute to other parts of Asia as well as Australia, the Middle East and the UK. As Business Psychologists, we are experts in the application of psychometric assessments to the workplace. Most of our competitors in Asia are not psychologists. Rather they tend to have attended a few days of limited training in psychometrics and then market themselves as experts. Buying psychometric tests from PsyAsia means you can have confidence because we only use the most reliable and valid tests, fully evaluated by our PhD Psychometric experts with years of training, education and experience in psychometric testing! Our research in Psychometrics has been both published and awarded by the British Psychological Society among others.

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