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Village for Sale

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A Beautiful Village on the land of 13m x 24m.
A village: big bad room : 6 , Toilet & bathroom : 8, You can park 4 cars, 2 living rooms, Space for party about 30 people,
Location : Tuol Tumpoung
Price: 360,000 USD
Please contact to Mr. Piseth NHEN 017 490 782
Email: piseth_nhen [at] yahoo [dot] com

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KK and ML
There are other forums where you can go and take the piss out of people.
These forums are for users who do NOT need to be worried about posting messages here.

your posts have been deleted

kidkhmer (not verified)
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The Humour Police are out early this year.................

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I think anyone who words an ad so poorly should have the piss taken.
Surely eth is taking the pis here?
Cant you edit posts anthony so they are readable?
KKs posts would be a good place to start.
What about a competition for creating the funniest advertisment in fractured khmer english?
Oh no,that would be no good.
Some innocent khmer would win hands down.

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how about one of you actually ASK the OP what is the message he is trying to get across. Maybe he would appreciate the assistance.

ML why not try asking him in your Anglosised Khmer. I am sure then he could take the piss out of you.

Its so easy to be anonymous on here and be tough aint it guys?


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