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300 meters squared near riverside for 350 per month.

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Hey guys, So if anyone is moving in or is looking for a place in PP, I have a great one. It is about 10 minutes from riverside, just to the north and across the japanese bridge. It is a huge place in a wealthy neighborhood. 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, 1 huge living room, 1 huge kitchen, 1 huge balcony and 1 quite large garage. In total I think the house is about 300 meters squared, which goes to show you how big it really is. It is fantastic for hosting Csers. The rent is $350 a month - which is fantastic.
I've been there for four months and while it is a great place I'm looking to backpack asia for a while and can't support a house in PP while I do so.

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If you have not lou "I would be interested
very cordially

012 655 440

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I am looking for a short term lease Actually starting ASAP. Just for three weeks. There are two of us and we are happy to stay with people.



anneoc18 [at] yahoo [dot] com [dot] au


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