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The 'My Family' book series from Australia

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Dear All,

A fantastic new collection of books are now available to buy online from Australia,
The 'My Family' series begins with the first book titled My Super Single Mum

My Super Single Mum is the first collaboration between author Bronny Fallens and illustrator Muntsa Vicente.

Bronny (based in Melbourne, Australia) and Muntsa (based in Barcelona, Spain) are an excellent example of how the web breaks down barriers bringing creative people together.

My Super Single Mum presents a family of two: mother and daughter enjoying their day-to-day life. Written in a simple verse style (appealing to children and with beautiful illustrations by Muntsa) the story conveys the message that it doesn’t matter the makeup of your family, as long as you are happy and loved. We invite you to share the story with your family and friends.

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Laura Wink


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