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Yoga teacher Job in Siem Reap. Starting November 2013.

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New Yoga and Qi Gong school opening right in the center of Siem Reap is looking for a Yoga teacher, starting at the beginning of November.
As the yoga teacher, you will be in charge of yoga lessons and will be free to conduct them as you want (could be morning and evening or two sessions in the morning, depending of the number of clients and if you want to add lessons for advanced students). You will also need to provide me with content (Yoga related texts) for the website.
You will also need to tell me what you think will be the best price to charge people.
Other than this, i will take care of advertising the school, expenses and of the Qi gong lessons.
I can offer you a 50% cut on the money you will generate with yoga lessons, and i will be more than happy if you agree to let my wife and I attend your lessons for free (for other regular customers i think a 5 or 10 lessons pass with an attractive rate will be a good solution).

A bit about Cambodia:
Friendly people and relaxed attitude.
On arrival at the airport or at the border by land, a business visa for a month costs 25$, then it can easily be extended to one year (285$).
Plenty of rooms (starting as low as $50 a month), apartments and houses for rent, second hand motorbikes or brand new ones that can also be bought (as they don't rent them in Siem Reap), beer is dirt cheap and foreign food restaurants are all around.
The expat community is also in my opinion much more interesting than the one in Thailand (from personal experience), with people working for NGOs and running all kind of businesses.
Anyone is welcome to apply, although you must be able to teach in English and French could be a plus.
If interested please send an email at angkor_yoga [at] yahoo [dot] com
Thank you for reading.

Max - Angkor Yoga


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