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Warning about sick and mental housekeeper - cook - nanny

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FYI here is the post i sent to cambodia parents network today.

i am posting to warn you about the person answering the number given below.
(when you call 089 58 25 36)

i met that person (a young woman in her 20s or 30s) on wednesday and showed her my home around, explaining what work was to be done and i asked her to tell me what she expected in return in terms of hours and salary.
then i explained to her that i would make a decision on saturday and would call her back.

later that evening, i received two SMS from her number urging me to hire her as a good deed, because her sick mother was in hospital and she is providing for a family of 8. hence explaining that she asked for a full time position paid at a salary of $250.

fair enough. market offer and demand. i see nothing wrong there.

she knew i was still interviewing thursday night and called me at 6:30 to recommand a friend from the bosco school too and an appointment was made for 7 pm that night. i had to leave my place at 7:15 for an appointment i had myself elsewhere.

i left a light on and when she came a-knockin' at 7:20, she only heard my dog barking. she called me and when i said "sorry, am gone, had to leave at 7:15 for my own appointment", she didn't believe me (probably because of the light and the barking dog).

she kept calling and calling but i turned the phone off. later that evening i received no less than 10 SMS from her, from a different number : (metfone) 097 95 83 698, complaining that she drove from the airport to meet me and that she didn't believe i wasn't home and then lashing on the insults about how condescending i am and how pitiful my salary offer is (i never told her how much i intended to pay the housekeeper as i only asked for her hours and salary expectations), and so on.

it became very ugly and insulting (basically, i can rot in hell with my dog who must be the only person willing to live with me).

of course, i can find lots of explanation to that kind of verbal abuse and i won't let this spoil my weekend. i think she is sick and needs treatment. i just wanted to let you know that there is a romaing lunatic out there posing as a housekeeper and looking for a job. steer clear, you have been warned and forwarned Smile


the original ad i used to contact her: [name hidden to protect the innocent]

2009/6/18 virg2908

I'm posting for Sophat who's looking for a job as a housekeeper, a cook and or a nanny.
She speaks a very good english (was at Don Bosco school) and is available now.
You can join her at 089-582-536.

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All sounds pretty normal.

She knows where you live. Do you know where she lives?

Good warning to all.

Makes me feel better about my own cynical opinion regarding "nannies" and "help".

Lucky you didn't employ her.

It would have ended in tears or worse.

Sounds like desperate times out there.

USD 250/mth is not the market rate for a housekeeper. Try the minimum wage at USD40 ( can some one check that ?) for starters.

Sick mother, 8 kids, and probably infected with TB or Hepatitis herself. Sounds like a winner. Refer her to an NGO.

Saw you coming, tried hassling/guilting you into submission, has had a good look around inside your house too. Hmmm.

I would be very cautious for a while. Actually you should be cautious all the time. Make sure that nobody can pass food to your dog through a window or door grill.

Being an employer is not that simple.

Your first interview should be at their house and their ID (family book) address should match the address of that venue. if they don't have a family book then they don't exist.

Pass that on to other parents without borders.


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