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Vacancy available at csaaoil

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Can you work on a commissioned basis?
Do you have IC?
Nature of job: You will get paid from your sales
Meaning if you don’t sale then we cannot pay you.
If your answer is yes to all then you are the one we are looking for.

Csaaoil is a new advertising company with partnerships with USA and Dubai running a small branch office in Phnom Pehn. We are working hard to build a better, healthy and stronger investment. Csaaoil is seeking for a sales professional who is interested to work in a challenging and innovative flexible role.
We are seeking for a female Cambodian who is looking for the opportunity to grow both as an individual as well as a professional secretary for Sales and marketing.

Job description:
Secretary Sales and marketing department

The Essential Requirements for the position are:

We are seeking a Cambodian female, age between 20-30 years old.
This individual job will include multi-tasking which include providing a support service, financial accounting, office management, and consultancy and working as a receptionist.
I: Relevant university degree
2: Ability to work in a flexible manner
3: Ability to convince customers for business proposals
4: knowledge of Excellent Computer skills, both English and Khmer (Khmer-English).
5: Commitment to Work, honest and hard working
6: Ability to travel locally and the ability to work in any environment under pressure
7: Ability to work independently without supervision or as part of a team
8: An ability to communicate efficiently and effectively with customers
9: Answer telephone, Fax, Email, SMS, Welcome visitors/serving costumers
10: Ensure that all liquidation of expenses is appropriate and properly documented.
11: Excellent presentations and the ability to understand and maintain a professional calmness during interactions with a difficult customer.
12: Friendly and understanding.
13: Knowledge in Tax section is an advantage
14: Fluency in written and spoken English and translation (Khmer-English-English-Khmer).
15: A highly creative and talented person
16: Update the daily expense into expense report
17: Update the sales record into sales report
18: Decent dress code a very neat and tidy person.
19: A minimum of 2yrs working as a sales assistant/ representative is an advantage.
20: Ability to organize and attend internal and external meetings.
20: constantly checking and notifying about emails from costumers, ability to read and send a prompt reply to costumers.
21: Ability to check for upcoming events and business proposals and keep tracks of memo.
22: must be able to use a bicycle or motorbike for errands.

Application Information:

Working hours will be 6 days a week 8 hours a day 1hour lunch break Starting from 12pm-1pm, work outside of normal working hours will be required. Commission based is temporary but if the individual is efficient and hard working we might consider making it a permanent salaried job. .
Clinsyl arts & online investment links is committed to the principles of equal opportunity. All candidates are expected to comply with Clinsyl arts & online investment links Policy.
If you are interested in the above position, please submit your CV with a covering letter and two 4x4 photos to the address below. Interview will be conducted immediately as you submit your CV with immediate effect
Applicant must have IC National Identity card.
Applicants should submit their CV and covering letter including two 4x4 photo to:
Sangkat BKK III
Khan Chamkarmon Mon
Street 330 # 21A E1
Phnom Penh

Application receipts TIME/DAYS: From 10am – 1pm
Closing date for receipts of application: 30th of January 2010


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Dear Sir,
it is a good new for us. we can help you in advertisement. our company will serve you with the preferable services such as Design & Printing (website, Logo, leaflets, brochures, Banner, Billboard, etc........) and marketing material installation & delivery. .

Please kindly contact me through
097 887 9997
E-Mail: piseth [at] 4mendesign [dot] biz / piseth_nhen [at] yahoo [dot] com


kidkhmer (not verified)
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Here is my take on this ABSOLUTE bullshit ad for any Khmer that may be considering applying;

A.If this company wants a commissioned sales person, why does the Job Description include "multi-tasking which include providing a support service, financial accounting, office management, and consultancy and working as a receptionist " . OK..... you want a superhuman who can be receptionist,sales person,accountant, office manager, tax savvy and a consultant ????"

A salary of around $800 a month would be appropriate for this.NOT commission only.

B. If you are indeed a company "committed to the principles of equal opportunity" then why are you targeting only females and only 20-30 years old ? This clearly in breach of employment laws worldwide yet you say you partner in the US and Dubai.

C. You are asking them to work 48 hours a week from 1-10pm or so and ride a bicycle around town - possibly at night ? WTF ?

D. You "might" consider paying someone full time down the line ? Lucky them.

E. Why is it when I google your company name nothing comes back ? Can you provide more info on your company, what you are selling and who the partners you deal with overseas are please.


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Felt a bit bored so tracked this through a bit.
The company (Csaaoil) web page is here:

Googling the fairly uncommon name of the listed head and founder of the company brings up a heart wrenching Nigerian/Cambodian story here:

possible coincidence with the names however still very elaborately dodgy on the basis of company web page alone

kidkhmer (not verified)
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Nice work Irvin !

a) That web page the hell is it ?

b) SCAM STORY !!!!!!!!!!!!

100% pure bullshit. Beware all Khmer job seekers !

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Yes but you have to agree it's a quantum leap in sophistication from unsolicited e-mail which open with "Hello. My name is Dr Max Duplicitous and I am chairman of the Reserve Bank of Scamistan and I need to send you 24 million dollars most hastily".


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