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**TESOL Course Certificate + Job**

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Looking to get TESOL certified but never have time or couldn't afford it?

ATI Cambodia is now offering an AMAZING deal to kick off their first course in Phnom Penh. The course is a 'No-Frills' version of their normal course package.

All you need is to pay a $300 deposit to take the 150 hour course. During the course the ATI will give you a job where you have to teach to pay back the course fee . After the total fee has been paid for, the student will be given their certificate (providing they pass) and will be able to keep the job they are given.


- Lowest registration fee for an internationally recognized TESOL certificate
- Most flexible study plans (people who already have a job should still be able to take the course)
- Highly experienced and qualified trainer
- Flexible payment plans (we give you a job to pay us back)

Alternately, they could pay the full amount up front and start earning money during the course - either way it is an excellent deal.

This course starts on the Monday 11th of April (NEXT WEEK) and goes until the 6th of May. The course is recognized world-wide and certificates are issued (and notarized) directly from the USA. The ATI course also includes professional development modules which aren't available in any other TESOL course.

The bad news is that the class size is limited to 20 for this special deal - and this deal may never be made available again. Potential participants will be interviewed before they can take the course, and some applicants may not be accepted.

Call 012 80 11 45 to apply.

Course Details:
Study Dates: 11.04.2011 - 06.05.2011
Duration: 150 hours (4 weeks)
Location: Meta House (opposite Phnom Penh center)
Email: info [at] shareintraining [dot] com

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Your course is more expensive than the CELTA or Trinity Cert which are the two most internationally recognized certificates in the world!

How can you justify these prices and what are the qualifications and experience of your "Highly experienced and qualified trainer"?

Twenty students is also a large group for teacher training. Is the observed teaching for the cert, part of the paid lessons?

These are pertinent questions as this is an unregulated industry, especially regarding TEFL certificates.


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