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Teaching positions

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Hi there,

two positions are opening up in our school in the middle of October. We are looking for two native English speakers to teach full time Monday to Friday in Phnom Penh, no qualifications needed.

If interested or have any questions please e-mail me at himthere [at] hotmail [dot] com with c.v. and contact details.

Thank you.

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Good God! "no qualifications needed"

Anyone who applies for this position be sure to hustle.

There are now so many 'international' schools in Phnom Penh, and more opening up: 116 jobs on under Education today!
Last month outside a hotel behind Wat Lanka I was handed a flier from 'Sun Montessori' school looking for a female WHITE unqualified 'teacher'. That is how desperate these schools are to find people. Handing out fliers!!

So teachers start demanding more than the bog standard $12 a hour!!!


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