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Talents require for photoshoot.

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I am looking for a male talent to be on a cigarette advertisement billboard in Cambodia.
Here are the requirements;

1. Good looking Caucasian male
2. Age between 23-30
3. Body must be in good shape
4. Height at least 175cm

If you are interested, please send your recent photos to talentlab [dot] eric [at] gmail [dot] com
(Closing date 24.10.2010)

kidkhmer (not verified)
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If 1,2 and 3 are not deal killers I am good to go.

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For a cigarette ad...? I take it you're seeking a 'before' picture. Smile

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1. no (but can always get a 3000 riel dye-job ...)
2. yes
3. kinda (well, i suppose i could hold the gut in long enough for the photographer to take the pics ... ? ...
4. yes

2 out of 4 ... that's still okay ... right ... ? ... -_-


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