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Specialists in high end Retail start-up required - Hardware

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Looking for interested persons to assist in a start-up of a High end Hardware retail Chain in Cambodia.
If you know anyone they can contact me or David direct as his statement below.
Cambodia is not new to David as already he has a Construction type company registered.

Don Oakes

Davids Statement:
My name is David Siegel. I'm an investor in new york city working on a business plan to build a new retail chain of hardware stores in Cambodia. To help us get set up, I'm looking for people connected to likes of Homepro chain or similar. We need help with:

signing up vendors
product mix
order process
retail logistics

If you know anyone who has experience with this, please have that person contact me: david[at]

thank you,

David Siegel
My new web site:
My LinkedIn profile:


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