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Security Guard available - reliable, honest, English speaking, walks the dog

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I'm leaving Cambodia shortly and would like to recommend my security guard, Mr. Sam Sarath.

He is reliable, honest and English speaking.

Also, he is very considerate, e.g. he'll call me if traffic jams are blocking my usual way home.

Remarkably, he likes walking the dog, which he does 2 times a day ! He's also its caretaker when I'm travelling.

In attachment, his CV.

Feel free to call either me for further references (Karen - 012-217 427) or Mr. Sarath directly (011-95 13 13).

I assure you, you will not regret hiring him.

He can be available immediately, as I really would like him to find another place to work.

CV_Sam_Sarath_-_security_guard.doc56 KB


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