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Salesperson (male or female) wanted for exciting new "cricket" delicacy!

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Khmer Iron Cricket is launching a new exciting range of delicacies:
- dehydrated crickets served in 50 g portions packaged in food grade plastic boxes
- cookies packaged in 150 g bags, accommodated with 5 flavors (plain, durian, coconut, coffee, cinnamon).

After only a few weeks, the initial success is impressive, especially with tourists: we can hardly keep up with the demand!

We're therefore looking for an energetic salesperson who would be capable to visit all hotels and souvenir shops in Phnom-Penh to demonstrate the product. Everything is already in place (standing displays, decor, price lists...)
The job is easy, insofar as every shop owner understands at once that their clients will go for it. And we have put in place a get-products-pay-later agreement that makes convincing even easier!

Pay will be on commissions, but we'll be flexible to pay advance on commissions initially if required.

We believe it's the ideal job for a young expat, or a spouse craving to get busy in the city.

Call: Philippe at 088 405 2009, or eMail to plenain [at] gmail [dot] com

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I admire your entrepreneurial spirit. Good luck.

Try and sell some to my wife:

Jum Arts & Crafts Cafe


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