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Recruitment & Marketing Specialist needed

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Conversations With Foreigners is a popular English language centre in Phnom Penh and a socially ethical organization committed to a sustainable model of fund-raising, learning, and cultural exchange.

CWF is a social enterprise of Local NGO Cambodian Rural Development Team, whose work in support of livelihood development and environmental protection benefit some of the poorest rural communities in north-east Cambodia. The CWF model benefits both our students and volunteers, and enables us to provide a sustainable source of core funding to the Cambodian Rural Development Team.

CWF is currently seeking a highly motivated Volunteer Recruitment & Marketing Manager to help us grow the organisation, communicate our values and social impact through existing and emerging channels, maintain existing recruitment partnerships and develop new partnerships.

For full position description, please visit:

CWF provides a safe, comfortable workplace, a monthly stipend of US$650/month, $500 annual health insurance contribution, and 12 Month visa and assistance in finding accommodation. All other costs to be borne by volunteer, including E-Type entry visa.

Expected commencement date: 1 September 2013
The successful candidate will be required to submit criminal record history checks
The successful candidate will be subject to a 3 month probationary period


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