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programmer looking for bitcoin and other money transmission system projects

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I am a programmer. I have lived in Cambodia for the last 8 years now, but I have still not done any projects locally. My current portfolio of projects has become a bit boring to me. These projects much more reflect what my interests were in the past, than what I want to do now. You can find my PPH profile here:

I am currently morbidly fascinated with crypto-currencies and other decentralized money transmission systems with pluggable adjudication. With the Bitcoin BIP 11 and following protocol extensions finally live now, and with full support for M-Of-N multi-signature escrow, it has become perfectly possible to set up money transmission systems with pluggable adjudication, and in that way to protect large (but also small) money flows:

The solution is now indeed finally zero-trust -- which is a fantastic breakthrough -- but unfortunately not yet zero-knowledge (this is scheduled for asap (

Pluggable and therefore better-quality adjudication is incredibly interesting in the context of international trade. I wonder why not more people with large money flows to protect are jumping on the opportunity? Is it still a bit early for that kind of investments? Let me know what you think and send me an email to erik [at] sankuru [dot] biz.


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