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The Plantation - urban resort and spa, and sister hotels is looking for a Communication Manager; write

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(To reply, send email to: hr [at] theplantation [dot] asia OR info [at] theplantation [dot] asia)

Position Communication Manager
for a group of sister properties (hotels, restaurants, bars, shops, cruise company…)

Department Administration and General
Level Management
Reports to Hotel’s Owner/General Manager

Job Purpose

Improve the visibility of the properties to increase business

Typical work activities

Collect, sort and assess all communication actions, materials, publications, online information and media related to each property of the group.

Define the character, particularities and highlights of each property.

Evaluate who are the potential clients for each property and understand what are their buying and decision making patterns.

Along with the General Managers and the owners, define a communication strategy for each property.

Maintain and control all published information of each property, to ensure all content and quality are appealing and relevant and available at all times to journalists, investors, etc.

In coordination with the owners and GMs, come up with a style guideline and graphic charts for each property.

Information to be published include websites, pictures, rooms directories, in-room information booklets, restaurant menus, management letters, name cards, announcements, promotion boards, etc.

Establish database on journalists interested in the region and potentially in the properties, maintain relations with them.

The role will vary according to the objects (websites, restaurant menu, room directory, special event promotion, activity board etc.) nature of its content, but responsibilities will typically include:
• Overseeing the layout, appearance and content of feature of the objects
• Generating ideas for features with hotel managers
• Editing, copyrighting, re-writing content of websites, restaurant menu, rooms directory and activities information. Overseeing artwork, design and photography for the features section of the objects.
• Organizing meetings with hotel managers and relevant departments to discuss ideas for artwork, layout events and features;
• Creating poster banner promotional feature for special events;
• Proofreading all pages before going to publish all objects.


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