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Partnerships Intern - UNAIDS Cambodia

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Type of assignment: Intern (Partnerships)
Duration: minimum of 6 and up to 12 months
Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Preferred starting date: May 2009
Host agency: Cambodia UNAIDS Country Office
Application deadline: 20 March, 2009
Contact: Cambodia [at] unaids [dot] org,
ATTN: Partnership Internship Application


The United Nations Joint Programme on AIDS (UNAIDS) supports and coordinates the efforts of the United Nations agencies, to support the multi-sectoral HIV response by the Royal Government of Cambodia, Development Partners and Civil Society Organisations. UNAIDS seeks to continue the collaboration in strengthening the engagement of UN and bilateral agencies in the HIV response, support civil society engagement including leadership –Parliament and the Office of the First Lady, People Living With HIV (PLHIV) the Private Sector and human rights groups;

The Intern will assist with activities of the UNAIDS Country Office by supporting both the UNAIDS Office partnership team and the Joint UN Team on HIV and AIDS in efforts to strengthen and mobilise the efforts of the UN and development partners, civil society organizations in the National AIDS response to ensure Universal Access to all in need of prevention, treatment and care.

The UCO is committed to providing technical support to government, civil society and private sector partners. However, additional human resources will be required to meet this commitment and therefore the UCO seeks to identify a suitable candidate who can assist with the range of tasks involved in social mobilization, policy and partnerships activities.

This assignment represents a good opportunity for the incumbent to share knowledge and experience as well as to learn from others and from practical work in the field. The assignment could be undertaken as part of university studies or training courses at a graduate level.

The Intern will be based at the UCO and work under a UNDP internship contract. S/he must either be fully self-financed or all costs related to the assignment (e.g., travel, accommodation, living expenses) must be born under a scholarship or other financing secured directly by the Intern.

Description of Duties

Working under the overall direction of the UNAIDS Country Coordinator and direct supervision of the UNAIDS Social Mobilization, Partnership and Policy Advisor, the Intern will carry out the following duties and responsibilities:

1. Support UNAIDS Country Office in organising regular UN Joint Team on HIV/AIDS and the Development Partners Forum meetings, and ensuring follow up on decisions and action agreed by the two forums.

2. Assist the UN Learning Facilitators Team in organising UN Learning activities on HIV and participating in UN Working Groups on Communication, Youth and Gender and HIV.

3. Support the engagement of the Private Sector by providing technical support to the National Private Sector Working Group, the Cambodia Business Coalition on AIDS (CBCA) and collaboration with the International Labour Organisation (ILO) to ensure results are achieved for AIDS in the workplace interventions, guided by the Strategic Framework and costed Operational Plan for the Private Sector and AIDS.

4. Support institutional strengthening of the HIV/AIDS Coordinating Committee to facilitate the engagement of civil society organisations through the civil Society Partnership Forum.

5. Assist the engagement of the Faith Based Organisations (FBOs) responses by supporting the National Technical Working Group on FBOs and the Muslim Community organizations.

6. Support the institutional strengthening of the Cambodia People Living with HIV /AIDS (CPN+) to carry out a functional task analysis that will strengthen management and leadership functions of the organisation.

7. Support the work of the Cambodian Community of Women Living with HIV (CCW) to carry out their work with local networks of HIV+ women, including technical assistance on reports and proposals and support to planned activities.

8. Support the implementation of the stigma index research by ensuring participation of People Living with HIV, Cambodia Community of Women Living with HIV (CCW) and civil society organisations in the design and implementation of the research

9. Any other duties as assigned by the UNAIDS Country Coordinator

Expected results /outputs

• Documentation: records of meetings of the Joint UN Team on HIV and AIDS and the Development Partners Forum on AIDS meetings
• UN Learning activities carried out
• Technical inputs provided to UN Working Groups on Communication, Youth and Gender and HIV.
• Strategic Plan on Private Sector developed and implemented
• Parliament oversight visits to provinces and HIV materials for parliamentarians to promote the HIV Law, stigma and discrimination reduction and other human rights issues produced. HIV work of commission No’s 1 and 8 supported
• Role of First Lady as APLF National Champion supported
• FBOs Working Group work plan supported and implemented
• Institutional strengthening work with CPN+ and CCW supported and implemented based on the functional analysis (CPN+) and strategic action plan (CCW)


• Degree or Post-graduate qualifications in public health or one of the social sciences
• At least 20-30 years of age
• A sound understanding of the HIV epidemic and responses
• At a minimum of 2 years experience working with civil society organizations, networks and other entities
• Knowledge and skills in conducting advocacy for marginalized groups/communities
• Facilitation and interpersonal skills
• Excellent communication skills and ability to organize, coach and guide others is desirable
• Ability to compile and analyze information for document and reports
• Excellent written and spoken English
• Computer skills in word , excel, e-based programmes


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