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Part time Preschool Teacher

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Footprints School is looking for a part time preschool teacher to work mornings. The position starts in January 2013. Please send CV with cover letter and photo to Lisa Biasillo via email: lisabiasillo [at] gmail [dot] com. Please be sure to include in the subject line of your email which position you are applying for.

• English as a first language OR excellent, grammatically correct, fluent English language skills
• Bachelors of Education / Bachelors of Teaching / Early Childhood Qualification (or other internationally recognised, relevant qualification)
• Teacher registration in home country preferred
• Prior experience in either elementary or preschool preferred, but senior school teachers wishing to work in elementary are also encouraged to apply
• Strong flexibility, creativity, problem solving skills essential
• Understanding of child development and its relevance in education
• Excellent interpersonal skills essential, as it is a small teaching team
• Willingness to receive professional development



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