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Part-time Khmer teacher of English needed in Tuol Kork

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I'm teaching advanced English to my co-workers at our NGO in Tuol Kork.

However some staff have almost no English, & so we need a Khmer teacher of English to come in & teach them the basics.

Initially it would be for an hour twice a week - maybe Tuesday & Thursday mornings (or afternoons: we're flexible). The times may increase thereafter, once we're all comfortable with each other.

Also staff members' families have expressed interest in tuition, so there may be classes than one after a bit of time.

We'd pay more than they receive for teaching in an English school, so it might suit a teacher in his/her lunch break or before or after school.

Please get any candidates to email me at johnmac11 AT

Or they can call me on 012 624 310.

Thanks all.


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