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NGO project handperson/joiner/builder

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We will soon need a competent & reliable Khmer person capable of building screenhouses and insect cages for an agricultural project.

S/he would need to source materials for, & construct, these kinds of things:

* Large screenhouse for growing plants (maybe 10 x 10m)

* Smaller cages for incubating insects

* Jars with mesh lids (will have to be made I think - haven’t seen them in Cambodia)

* Plastic boxes with mesh lids for transport (ditto)

* Aspirators - i.e. plastic bottles in which insects can be captured (ditto)

And someone useful enough to turn a battery-run vacuum cleaner into an insect collection device would be a front-runner.

The project will likely be in Battambang, however much of the material-sourcing will probably need to be done in Phnom Penh. Good sources of various gauges of mesh will be essential.

Good English required.

A ‘fixer’ mentality would be useful, and someone good with their hands is essential.

The set-up will take several weeks, though if the person is interested they may be able to stay on to look after maintenance & help run the project in general. Project length is one year, with a possible extension after that. The person would need to spend some time in Battambang, though may not need to move there permanently unless desired.

This is not a job ad - it’s an attempt to get a feel for who is out there, so we’re ready when funding arrives. I don’t have full project details yet, but it is likely to begin in September or October. The person will be paid well (but again no details yet, as funding has not yet been determined in detail).

Please contact me if you know of a reliable, hard-working Khmer who may do well in this responsible position.


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