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MEDiCAM Internships/Volunteers

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MEDiCAM is the membership organisation for NGOs active in the Cambodain health sector with regional offices in Battambang, Stung Treng, Siem Reap and a head office in Phnom Penh. Its mandates are to represent the voice of health NGOs; share information; facilitate advocacy and build capacity.

We are currently seeking interns and/or volunteers to support the communication and advocacy activities in the organisation.

Internships would be of particular benefit to those studying Public Health and with an interest in Health Policy development.
A high level of written and spoken english and Khmer is required.

Volunteers with experience in health or journalism would be particularly welcome. Those interested to learn about Cambodian NGOs, the health sector and health advocacy may find this of interest. A high level of written and spoken english is required. Knowledge of the khmer language, while an asset is not essential.

For further details, please contact consultant [at] medicam-cambodia [dot] org


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