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LOOKING FOR various video/film related assistants

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I am looking for khmer nationals interested in learning or who already have some knowledge of video/film.

Specifically, i am looking for:

Video editor assistant
Audio assistant
Production assistant
3d freelance artist

All positions require will to learn, and interest on the subject, as well as some creativity and some knowledge of english, as customers are mainly foreigners.
This is a paid great oportunity to learn and keep the customers afterwards, as I wont stay here for much longer.....

If interested, send REAL CV, not inflated, please, or just a letter to info [at] inazio [dot] net.


audiovisual direction and communication

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Hi Inazio - I work at a local youth media organisation called SCY (Support Children and Young People).

I've forwarded your email to them. Some of their young reporters have made some fantastic work and it would be a good opportunity for them.

See: if you're interested in seeing some of their past work.



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