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Looking for a job

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I am a male 30 from Ireland and am currently in Cambodia.I would like to spend a few months in Phnom Penh but would like to do some work just to fill in the days.It does not have to be well paid its just something to do.I am an accountant by profession but would consider anything.I would like to spend until maybe Christmas here.Any sugestions anyway or even better still any offers of work?

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* Bar work is generally available with salary in the range of $30-$50 a month, a bit more if people can understand your English. Fairly easy work to get, if you're pretty enough.

* Loitering at Suon Wat Botum on Sothearos Blvd after 10pm, you may find you get some job offers. Maybe you don't even have to be pretty. As a barang you might fall into the novelty category and could even charge a premium for your services!

* Approach NGOs and ask if they would like you to help train their finance team for a couple of months?

* Go see Mith Samlanh (Friends) NGO who have various vocational training programs, they may be able to use you to assist in business skills training etc, or you could help them develop some course info about it?

* Approach a job agency and let them know you're available for temp work? (google Great Alliances, American Academic Associates, HR Inc.)

* Various other ways of looking for work that you'd try in most other countries? Look at job ads, approach businesses, decide what you'd like to do and then approach specific businesses, etc.

* Try out the "hammock lifestyle" before deciding to work while you're here? You may find that the days just breeze past anyway... look, you already think that Christmas is a few months away! It's creeping up on you fast!! Smile


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Better still, get a job as Finance Manager with a private company and earn US$5000 a month and never go back to Ireland.


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I have moved this to the pub forum.

Here is the list of agencies


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