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JOB ANNOUCEMENT (Drawing plan)

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It is a new information for students IT or other field that can be fit on this requirement
Here is a good news that i have got from one company the company need to one staff that can be draw plan like map..etc
The requirements:

- Can speak and write English as well;
- bravely with work
- Know Microsoft Office;
- Strong with presentation (for slide show) need to show what you have done with your work.
- can be draw in Adobe or Corel or Autocat ...etc. or other program that can be use for draw

The staff can be get benefit from company depend on abilities and work experience.
The company profile is related to Telecommunication company
After working with this company we hope that you can know more about computer networking
For more any information please contact me via email : camko168 [at] yahoo [dot] com for send mail send CV and cover letter with recent photo.


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