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Housekeeper w/ 11+ yrs of expat experience available

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We are leaving Cambodia and are very keen to find a new employer for our cleaner before we leave. We are most likely leaving around November 20, but can be flexible with hand-over dates.

Vanna has been my cleaner since I moved to Cambodia eight and a half years ago. She came highly recommended by a friend for whom she had worked for three years. Vanna is hard working and flexible. Besides cleaning, which she does very well, she also does washing and ironing, takes care of plants, house sits, runs errands and pays bills. On occasion we also ask her to do shopping and cooking (she can cook Asian and Western). She is also very sweet to my 18 month-old son and I wouldn't hesitate to ask her to stand in for our nanny.

Vanna does not speak English, but she understands some and speaks a little bit of French. Language was never a problem for us, even before I was able to speak any Khmer. She is of course totally trustworthy and takes direction and feedback very well.

She would prefer a full-time position, but will also consider part-time employment.

Please email or call me (012-872410) if you are interested in hiring her.

Pia Wallgren

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Pia, sad to hear you are leaving us after all this time. i am sure you will love NYC.

I will add this to this weeks newsletter.

take care

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hi guys, any update with Vanna?


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