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Hotel General Manager (PATIO HOTEL)

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Name : PATIO Hotel & Urban Resort

Address : #134Z, St. 51, BBK I, Khan CMK, PNH

Website :

Salary : $1500 Up or Down

Language : English - Excellent & Khmer - Excllent

Description :
- Control employees and supplies
- Organize all the document systems in the hotel
- Efficiently and effectively Contact with the customers
- Keep all employees record with all necessary document
- Provides prompt, accurate and thorough information and presents monthly, annual reports to owner to keep it informed of the hotel’s performance.
- Ensure all processes within team are documented, understood, are regularly review & update to reflect changes in operational activities and drive process improvements
- Develops a sound institutional operational system including financial, operational, personnel and other policies, procedures and internal controls to ensure optimum performance and risk management

Contact E-mail : hr [at] patio-hotel [dot] com


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